• Fiorentini & Baker 745
    Fiorentini & Baker 745
  • Denham Icon Bluse
    Denham Icon Bluse
  • Denham Cardigan
    Denham Cardigan
  • Fiorini & Baker 7040
    Fiorini & Baker 7040
  • Denham Stripe
    Denham Stripe
  • Denhem Sweater
    Denhem Sweater
  • Denham Tara
    Denham Tara
  • Denham Zosh
    Denham Zosh
  • Stetson Caliope
    Stetson Caliope
  • Stetson La Roux
    Stetson La Roux

Cowboysbelt originated in 1980 as a leather belts manufacturer in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Today, we have grown to be the sum of several product-lines, from leather belts to bags and accessories.

Although our company might have changed a lot in the course of time, we are still driven by the same belief that genuine leather has quality and personality that cannot be replaced. We will only work with premium leather, treat it with maximum respect and give it our all during the production process.


Oh yes, we may almost sound a bit evangelic about it. But that’s only because we want to make sure that each and every one of our products will last a lifetime, so they can slowly grow even more beautiful as time goes by. Cowboysbelt is rapidly converting people from all over the world, from Europe, to North America, Asia and South Africa… Why don’t you join us too? Like Cowboysbelt on Facebook and keep up-to-date about news, products and promotions.